Supported Living

Living Independently

Having the opportunity to live independently is important to the individuals we serve at MSDC. Some people choose to live alone, and others choose to live with a housemate. The support provided by MSDC provides services based on an individual’s needs and desires. 

Individuals who receive the Developmental Disability Medicaid Waiver Services are eligible for this service.


What living independently looks like

Choosing who you live with

Having the chance to pick your housemate or to decide if you want to live alone.

Running errands and planning for your week

MSDC staff help individuals plan for their daily living needs, including shopping for groceries, going to the doctor, and running errands.

Building relationships

Deciding who you spend time with and what activities you do during that time is living independently.

Want to learn more about Supported Living?

Supported Living is a residential program allowing individuals with disabilities to live independently or with a housemate. Support care depends on an individual’s needs and desires.  To learn more about Supported Living options, fill out the form below.

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