Adult Services

A man in glasses works diligently on a craft using colorful beads

Community Crossroads

How you spend your day is important. At MSDC, our Community Crossroads program offers numerous ways for individuals with disabilities to spend their day. Some people decide to create art, enjoy a hobby, hang out with friends, volunteer in the community, or learn a vocation in preparation for getting a job. The possibilities are endless.  


A man in glasses and a lanyard smiles at the camera

Community Employment

We all want to find meaningful work that we enjoy. At MSDC, we work with individuals with disabilities to find community employment that focuses on their interests and strengths. Working closely with the individual and employer ensures a positive work environment where everyone wins. 


A young man smiles proudly in his own home.

Supported Living

Living independently is something we help make happen for individuals with disabilities. Some individuals choose to have only a few hours of assistance every week while others require 24-hour care, 7 days a week. Regardless of the level of care, individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to live on their own or with a housemate independently.  


Child Services

Two toddlers play happily with colorful toys

Early Head Start

Early Head Start offers comprehensive developmental, health, and nutritional services for infants and toddlers (0-3 years of age) combined with prenatal support for pregnant mothers and social service resources and referrals for families.


A mentor assists a group of preschools as they make art with colored pencils

Head Start

Head Start is a preschool program for children ages three to five that prepares children for entry into kindergarten. Services are also included for parents and families to assist with self-sufficiency.