Early Head Start

Mother and her baby seated on the floor, playing with blocks

Supporting families through home-based services

When families are enrolled in Early Head Start they have a full range of services provided through weekly home visits with each enrolled family and child. The home visitor provides child-focused visits that promote the parents’ ability to support their child’s development. 


We identify your dreams and goals.

Our mission is to promote healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women, support the development of children from birth to three years of age, and encourage the family’s self-sufficiency through empowerment. 

Our work includes working with families to identify dreams and goals, strengths, and needed support. We partner with parents to monitor infant/toddler growth and development, including health, dental and nutritional needs. 


father playing with little baby daughter at home

Want to learn more about Early Head Start?

Participation and enrollment are voluntary and eligible families residing in Marshall and Starke Counties receive comprehensive services at no charge. 

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