Community Employment

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Helping individuals become employed

For many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, getting a job is a big goal. Since 1989, we at MSDC have been helping individuals obtain employment in the community. 

Placement Consultants work with individuals to identify their strengths, interests, and challenges. They then work to match an individual’s interest with a position at a local business. 

Providing a strong support system, the MSDC staff work with individuals until they are comfortable with long-term employment as a goal. 


How Community Employment Works



Individuals interested in Community Employment must be referred by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Discover your strengths

Discover your strengths, interests, and support needs.

One of our Placement Consultants works with individuals to identify what they're interested in, what they're good at, and what they may need support with. During this time, individuals may get to practice different job skills and visit different employers to get an idea of things they'll like.


We connect with potential employers

Once we know the type of work an individual is interested in, we reach out to potential employers in the community. Because hiring an individual with an intellectual disability may be new to them, we provide education and support throughout the process to employers.


On the job training

Our Placement Consultants work with individuals to help train them on the job. At the same time, the staff provides education and advocacy to management and co-workers. It is our goal for this to be a great experience for everyone.


Ongoing Support

MSDC staff provides support to the individual until the employer is satisfied with their performance.

Want to learn more about Community Employment?

Community Employment is a win-win for everyone. In a 2018 study, employers reported their IDD staff was dependable, engaged, worked well with co-workers, were motivated, and had good attendance. If you are interested in community employment for yourself or a loved one or are an employer looking to learn how you can add an MSDC individual to your team, fill out the form below. 

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