Community Crossroads

How we spend our day

At MSDC, we believe in providing options to the individuals we serve. There are many ways a person can spend their day.

Everyone gets to choose from a list of activities, including volunteering in the community, vocational activities to help prepare for a job, and daily living skills.

Every day at MSDC has variety and options which are selected by those we serve. Our Community Crossroads program is available in both Plymouth and Rochester.


Community Crossroads

Every day offers new opportunities

Community Volunteering

Volunteer activities emphasize the value of giving back to the community. MSDC individuals are valuable members of their community and contribute in many ways.

Work Skills

Getting a job is a big goal for many people. During the day, at MSDC, individuals are able to practice job skills. This can include practicing taking orders, making food orders, restocking shelves, and managing inventory.

Practicing Life Skills

We help individuals gain their independence in many ways. This can include learning and practicing life skills. How to count and manage money, how to address a letter so you can mail it, how to make out a grocery list and know how much everything will cost. These are all life skills that individuals can practice during the day.


Don't we all have days we just want to work on a hobby or learn something new? At Community Crossroads, the day can be what you make of it. This includes playing a game, creating art, and working on a puzzle.

Community Fun

Individuals with disabilities are a part of our community. Having the opportunity to take advantage of all the great activities offered in the area is the best part of living in any community. At MSDC, community fun can include concerts, festivals, and going to the fair. Trips during the day are just one of the many options offered at MSDC.

Hanging with Friends

Having the opportunity to build relationships with others is essential to a good life. At MSDC, there are many opportunities to hang out with your friends.

Want to learn more about Community Crossroads?

Community Crossroads provides day services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. If you would like to know more about our program, have someone who could use these services, or would like to know how you can volunteer/donate, please fill out the form below and we will contact you. 

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